Study artificial intelligence (AI) in Germany

You want to study artificial intelligence (AI) and learn more about innovative, groundbreaking technologies such as machine learning? Then you might consider to study AI in Germany.

In this article, you get to know where and how to study artificial in Germany.

What about the German language? Any other requirements?

Most of the German study programs are completely or partially taught in German language. Especially in undergraduate study courses, there is a relatively small amount of english courses.

Therefore, you have to understand and speak German at least at medium level.

If you aren't sure, whether your German skills are sufficient to have no major language problems, feel free to contact the university of your choice.


There are several other requirements and formal aspects you have to keep in mind - take a look at the tutorial "how to study in Germany"


Artificial Intelligence Courses in Germany:

If you want to learn more about AI, you should take a look at several data science courses in Germany.

Data Science is a mixture of various disciplines such as computer science, statistics and articial intelligence, which empower you to effectively work with data, gain new insights and create value out of vast data sets.

To do so, you'll learn more about machine learning, data science, but also about programming and mathematics.






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